Mission Statement
At Piney Branch Elementary School, our school counseling department is committed to providing a comprehensive and developmentally-appropriate program that is designed to meet the social/emotional, academic, and career needs of all students. We strive to provide services that align with the ASCA National Model and evaluate our program accordingly. The counselors at Piney Branch provide a comprehensive program through innovative and varied curriculum, to foster the growth of all students. The counselors develop partnerships with students, parents, educators, and members of the community to support student success. We are committed to preparing students to become productive and responsible citizens.

Vision Statement
The students at Piney Branch Elementary School are resilient learners who passionately believe in their own abilities to succeed in school, and in life as future citizens. The needs of all students will be met with individualized, age-appropriate instruction. Student needs are addressed through a curriculum that fosters self-awareness, personal growth, responsibility, mindfulness, and appreciation of diversity to enable their success in a changing world. Student learning will be enhanced by national, global, and multicultural perspectives. The comprehensive school counseling program supports the achievement of every student and builds collaborative relationships with parents, staff, families, and community members to support the foundations of student success. Piney Branch Elementary students are prepared to make a positive difference in our world. 

Beliefs and Philosophy

The Professional School Counselors at Piney Branch Elementary School believe:

  • Every Student is unique, worthy of dignity and respect
  • Every student shall have equal rights and opportunity to participate in the school counseling program
  • Every student regardless of sex, class, socioeconomic status, cultural, racial and special needs is accommodated in the school counseling program
  • Every student is capable of success

The Professional School Counselors at Piney Branch Elementary School will:

  • Provide a safe learning environment for every student
  • Provide services and support based on the needs of students and the school community gathered from data
  • Structure the Comprehensive School Counseling Program based on the ASCA National Model to ensure that it is effective and needs are being met
  • Advocate for students, teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, and the community so that every student will succeed
  • Participate in training, enrichment and professional development activities to enhance the effectiveness of the counseling program

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