Piney Branch Advisory Council


Welcome to the Piney Branch Advisory Council 

You may ask, what is the purpose of a school's Advisory Council.  Each school in Prince William County has a School Advisory Council comprised of parent representatives, teachers and staff representatives. The Advisory Council helps decide on the focus and direction that the school should take each year.  We work in tandem with school Administration in helping to determine specific needs and issues within Piney Branch that need to be addressed.  This is an important committee at our school that has a direct impact on the issues that matter most to us for our kids.  The committee is comprised of parent volunteers from every community that feeds into our school.  Please consider coming and joining us each month as we discuss issues that are current and directly impacting our kids.  If you would like to learn more about us and we have discussed at past meetings, please see the documents folders below for our bylaws, minutes and agendas.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at:

2019-2020 PBAC Leadership Positions

PBAC Chair: Malia Hayes
PBAC Vice-Chair: Tracy Houchens
PBAC Secretary: Elizabeth Chisolm


(Please let us know if you would like to be considered as your neighborhood's representative or alternate - we need to have two from each community)

Bridlewood:    Mike Diab and Clint Vogel

Broad Run Oaks:  Tabrina Thomas, Brianne Hout and Lauren Main

 Brookside:      Natalie Nanto (alternate needed)

 Laurianne Woods:   Melissa Patterson (alternate needed)

 Linton Crest:                           John Emanuel 

 New Dominion Estates:     Kerry Molina (alternate needed)

 Virginia Oaks:   Mary Terry and Elizabeth Chisolm

 Wentworth Green:    Jennifer Brackins and Autumn Hunter


We meet every month and everyone is welcome to attend.  Please see below for a full list of our meeting schedule.

Tuesday, September 16th  - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, October 15th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, November 19th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, December 17th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, January 21st - 7:00 pm in the Library

Tuesday, February 17th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, March 17th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, April 20th - 7:00 pm in the Library
Tuesday, May 19th - 7:00 pm in the Library