Classroom Counseling 
Each month our counselors provide classroom lessons for all grade levels. Mrs. Biegler provides counseling lessons for 3rd-5th grades and Miss Williams provides counseling lessons for K-2nd grades. In our lessons, students are able to learn and practice various skills designed to improve emotional regulation, self-awareness, and interpersonal effectiveness. Additionally, we incorporate mindfulness practices to reinforce our school-wide approach. Be sure to ask your child(ren) about what they are learning in their counseling lessons each month! 

Kindergarten-Second Grade

September- Intro to Counselor Lesson
October- Listening/Following Directions, Problem Solving
November- Gratitude
December- Anger Management
January- Teamwork
February- Medicine Safety/Substance Abuse
March- Zones of Regulation
April- Empathy/Diversity
May- Resilience

Third-Fifth Grade
September- Intro to Counselor Lesson
October- Conflict Resolution
November- Gratitude
December- Teamwork
January- Internet Safety
February- Substance Abuse
March- Study Skills

Small Group Counseling - Morris Central School