Updated information(3/20/20): 

 Parents click on the link to access optional online resources for your children 

There are updated files and useful links. Please use those to access additional optional resources. 

*Unless your child is receiving a modified curriculum, please see individual grade level sites for current standards and additional optional materials

Contact Information: 

Ms. Watts - Autism 2-5 

Ms. Cevallos Autism K-3 

Mrs. Z. Mild ID K-5 

                                   Optional Work: 

We have added some optional leveled work to the documents section of this website. 

If you choose to use the leveled work please contact your child's teacher for the appropriate level. 

We have also created optional choice boards for you and your child. If you choose to complete these try to do one activity from each category (P.S they aren't all academic, and are supposed to be fun!) 

 Files and Documents  ( Click here for the documents page) 

We will also be providing 30 minute sessions to interact with your child's teacher. We can work on any optional work that your child may be working on or just visit with your child! We miss them as much as they miss us! 
We will be using Skype or Zoom to video conference. Please use the sign up genius to sign up for a time!