Keep working hard and enjoy the music of life that is all around you! You can find our focus of music standards for the 3rd quarter here: PWCS Music Standards Quarter 3.docx


Mrs. Harrison


2. I can perform on instruments by myself and with others.

3. I can improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments.

4. I can compose and arrange music within certain guidelines.

5. I can read and notate (write) music.

6.  I can listen to, analyze, and describe music using music vocabulary.

7. I can evaluate music and music performances.

8. I can understand relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.

9. I can understand music in relation to history and culture.

PWCS Music Standards Quarter 2.docx Please click on this document to see what each grade level is working on during the second quarter.

Grading is based on the following:
S+ Exceeds grade level standards.  I know (and can do) it well enough to make connections that were not taught.
S    Meets grade level requirements. I know (and can do) everything that was taught making few mistakes.
S- Approaching grade level standards. I know (and can do) all the easy parts, but I do not know (and cannot do) the harder parts.

"Learning and understanding music is a process, just like creating it."

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