Piney Branch NEHS 

Welcome back to school NEHS students!  We are so excited to start the many fun and rewarding projects that we will be working on together to help our community.

We will meet on the second Friday of every month except in November and February.  Our first meeting is September 13th from 8:10-9:10 am.  On our meeting days we will meet in Mr. Southerland’s classroom (201).   

**Parents, on meeting days please drop off your child at the front office, we will come get them and bring them to Mr. Southerland’s room.**    

The following are the dates of our meetings for this 2018-19 school year:

September 13th 

October 11th  

November 15th  

December 13th 

January 10th  

February 7th 

March 13th  

April 17th  

May 8th  

June – We will have the NEHS ceremony for the rising 5th graders 


Start thinking about some ways that we can help the members of our community and school.  We will discuss your ideas at our first meeting.