Here are optional continued learning opportunities from your 3rd Grade teachers.

Week of June 8th
Memory Book
Summer Math Activities

Week of June 1st

Ancient Civilization Museum Exhibit
Letter to Future 3rd Grade Student
Class Party Planning

Week of May 26th
Country Writing Project
Graphing Project

Week of May 18th
Array Community
Country Writing Project

Week of May 11th 
Design a Zoo.pdf

Week of May 4th
Physical Activity Log

Week of April 27th 
Reading Response Menu 
Fraction Review
Animal Habitat Triorama
Polar Bear Article
Week of April 20th 
Learning Plan 4/20
Reading Response Menu 
Earth Day Activities 
Reading Practice 1 Earth 
Reading Practice 2 Weather 
Writing Graphic Organizers: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Week of April 14th
Learning Plan 4/14

Place Value Review
Cursive Alphabet
Reading Response Menu

Week of March 30th
3rd Grade Continued Learning.pdf
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Additional Resources K-2 and 3-5

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Standards for 
Quarter 3
Highlighted standards are ones that were currently being taught or that had not yet been taught as of 3/13/20. (Please keep in mind that every classroom may be in a slightly different place.)


3.4 Affixes - Prefixes and  Suffixes 

3.6g Main Idea and Details in Non-Fiction

3.6f Summarizing Information found in Non-Fiction

3.6d Ask and Answer Questions Non-Fiction

3.6c Preview and Use of Text Features

3.6a Author’s Purpose


3.9j Correct Spelling including irregular plurals

3.8 Write a Well-Developed Paragraph

3.9a Use of Complete Sentences

3.10a Construct Questions about a Topic

3.10b Access Appropriate Resources

3.10c Collect and Organize Information About a Topic


3.2a Name and Write Fractions

3.2b Represent Fractions

3.2c Compare Fractions

3.5 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

3.10 Temperature

3.9a Telling Time

3.9b Elapsed Time

3.9c Equivalent Time Periods

3.8a Perimeter

3.8b Area

3.9a Measuring Length

3.9b Liquid Volume

Social Studies
**Larimore has finished China and started the same standards for Greece

3.3c Contributions of Egypt

3.3d Contributions of China

3.5c Change Over Time- Egypt

3.5d Change Over Time-China

3.7c How People Adapt to their Environment- Egypt

3.7d How People Adapt to their Environment- China

3.8c Goods and Services- Egypt

3.8d Goods and Services- China

3.9 Specialization and Trade


3.7a Nutrients from Soil

3.7b What Makes up Soil

3.7c Layers of Soil

3.7d Soil Conservation/as a Natural Resource