Resources for Parents

Parent Resource Center for Students with Disabilities 
This website is a PWCS resource provided to parents of students with disabilities.  It has a lot of great links and resources for you as a parent.  Click on the links and find out information about Social skills, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other resources. 

Handy Handouts-Resources for Parents
This website has a lot of great tips and free handouts ranging from having your child appropriately follow directions to how to use cyber slang ;)
Academic Resources for Students

Books Read Aloud by Celebrities
Storyline Online- Books read aloud by celebrities

Basic academic skills training for grades K-1 (higher grades as well).

This is an interactive website that offers a lot of free activities
 for students.

LexiaCore5 Website: Lexile
LexiaCore5 is a subscription intervention provided to most students who receive PALS instruction at Piney Branch. It will ask you to download the app on any mobile device (phone or tablet).

Mr. R's Math Songs
Another class favorite is Mr. R. He has songs from counting to multiplication and seasons and science.

Jack Hartmann Youtube
Jack Hartman is yet another class favorite. He has more than just academic songs. If your child needs some movement check out Tooty TA! 

Free Printable Books: Mrs. Jones Free Mini-books
This website has links to free printable books you can download, print, and read at home.